7 recipes for your vegan Christmas Menu

Every few months we dedicate a whole week to a special topic on our blog. Following the theme, we publish a new recipe every day, from drinks and snacks to main courses and desserts. So far, we’ve already celebrated a pasta, party and picnic week and shared seven dishes from our childhood. Check out all past themed weeks here.

Goulasch, dumplings, speculoos & cranberries, we missed you so much! For us, Christmas is the culinary peak of the year. We guess you think similar. It feels like spending half the day in the kitchen, half the day buying all the yummy things, we don’t get the other half of the year. Sipping gravy, baking cookies and mixing some christmas cocktails is in our mind since summer. And now it’s time to do all that stuff. If you don’t have a plan for christmas yet, we hope we can inspire your christmas tummy, so you don’t have to sit in front of carrots and greens on Christmas. We will present you our plans for Christmas Eve the next 7 days, here. We hope you are so excited, as we are.

monday: beetroot and citric salad

R105 Beetroot and Citric Salad

Check the recipe here.

tuesday: cauliflower-apple-soup with cinnamon-nuts

R106 Cauliflower apple soup with cinnamon nuts

Check the recipe here.

wednesday: Vegan “Handbrot”

R107 Vegan 'Handbrot' (Cheese stuffed bread)

Check the recipe here.

thursday: spinach dumplings with red cabbage and vegan goulash

R108 Spinach dumplings, red cabbage and vegan goulash

Check the recipe here.

friday: hot or cold Wopfel

Check the recipe here.

saturday: speculoos cake with cooked cinnamon-pears

R110 Vegan Speculoos Cake with Cooked Cinnamon Pears

Check the recipe here.

sunday: vegan gingerbread mousse with caramelized oranges

R111 Vegan gingerbread mousse with caramelized oranges

Check the recipe here.

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