7 vegan Classic Cakes Like Grandma Used To Make

We already published a lot of vegan cake recipes in our category "Cakes & Cookies" for a Sunday afternoon with the family, your best friends birthday party or enjoying time with your little sister. But this week, however, it's all about the cakes that we would call "granny cakes". We are talking about cakes we would never bake ourselves cause everyone is buying them at the bakery. We know these cakes best from our grandparents, but made our own vegan version of them. Be curious, there will be a new recipe for you every day!

1. Vegan easy German Black Forest Cake

2. Vegan Poppy Seed Cake with Crumble Topping

3. Vegan Frankfurter Kranz (Crown Cake)

4. Vegan Linzer Torte

5. Vegan Sheetpan Plum Cake with Yeast Dough and Crumble Topping

6. Vegan Sunken Apple Cake

7. Vegan Sachertorte

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