A66 7 recipes for your vegan breakfast

7 vegan recipes for Breakfast

Every few months we dedicate a whole week to a special topic on our blog. Following the theme, we publish a new recipe every day, from drinks and snacks to main courses and desserts. So far, we’ve already celebrated a pasta, party and picnic week and shared seven dishes from our childhood. Check out all past themed weeks here.

We really love breakfast! So we spend this week a bit more time for the most important meal each day: breakfast. So today we don’t want cereals anymore cause we prepared much better things for you! Let’s get up and cook some really good breakfast dishes!

monday: vegan french-toast-waffles

R60 Vegan French Toast Waffles

Check the recipe here.

tuesday: sweet pancake-tacos

R61 Sweet pancake taco

Check the recipe here.

wednesday: savoy-avocado-smoothie

R62 savoy cabbage smoothie

Check the recipe here.

thursday: pancake burger

Check the recipe here.

friday: tofu scramble with aubergine bacon

R64 Scrambled tofu with eggplant bacon

Check the recipe here.

saturday: stuffed croissants

R65 Stuffed croissants

Check the recipe here.

sunday: homemade blueberry granola bowl

R122 Apple-Hazelnut-Oatmeal

Check the recipe here.

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